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Clients Complaints
We are keen, at the International Financial Center, allowing our clients to use their rights to submit the complaint through any of the below means:

  1. Land line no.(06/5696724) ext. 221.
  2. Personally by visiting the company headquarters in the Housing Bank Complex / Shmeisani.
  3. By mail on (P.O.Box 940919 Amman 11194 Jordan).
  4. By Fax on (06/5696720).
  5. Complaint box in the company headquarters.
  6. By Email to

General Notes:
  • Complaint Form is available on the company’s website .

  • The complaint will be answered within (10) working days from the date of receipt of the complaint unless the nature of complaint needs more time. In all cases the response time to answer the complaint will not exceed (30) working days from the date of submitting the complaint.

  • The following complaints will be excluded: (the complaints that are currently manifested in front of courts or the complaints that have already attained a court ruling, Complaints concerning laborer and syndicalism issues, Complaints have no complainant name or complainant information, clients inquiries and suggestions, Complaints containing abuse or defamation or threat, Complaints related to cases of anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism, the complaints that have already submitted and responded to unless these complaints have new updates can be considered, and complaints which are submitted by none of the above mentioned means.)

Kindly requested to download the compliant application form Click here
Complainant Name :
Complainant acct. no. :
Means of communication with complainant :
Department complained about :
Subject of complaint :

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